It's been a busy time since my last post...

Let's see....

I'm up to 14 goats and close to getting a 15th. Woohooo!

I've gotten a pottery and fibre piece accepted in a curated show at the Art Gallery of Burlington. The All Guilds Show runs until May 24th in the Lee Chin Family Gallery. More details here.


I'm working madly on the inside of my studio to get it ready for workshops and my June 20 & 21 Garden Art Show and Sale. Here's a pic of the outside (messy! with tools & gardening stuff scattered about). It's a gorgeous building (built and installed by in 2 days!!) and I'm painting the ceiling, then putting up cedar tongue and groove walls, installing light fixtures (although with all the windows, it's beautifully bright in there during the day!), etc.

I'm pricing and packing work for the Hamilton Potters' Guild sale starting this Friday. More details on the sale here.

The yard's a mess after having it dug up to move the septic line last year. The heavy equipment totally destroyed the lawn. That definitely needs more work - regrading and reseeding. Also a pathway to the new studio is in the works. And planting a vegetable garden along the right side of the studio, and...... oh the list just goes on and on and on... I try not to look at the list of stuff to do, it's a bit overwhelming. I just keep telling myself it'll be awesome when it's all done!